Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a goal setting framework used at organizational, team and individual level. What highlights OKRs is the collaborative goal-setting methodology that creates alignment, encourages engagement around shared goals, tracks the progress at all levels and provides transparency to all.

We work with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) setting general and change organizational strategies. We identify the main strategy pillars and then break them down with OKRs linked from top to bottom. Two of the main strategy goals we aim for, are:

  1. Have transparency to the extent that each and every employee will have a clear understanding on why he or she is working on something that has been prioritised in the organizational backlog.
  2. Promote team working spirit by having shared goals, removing behaviours between different functions that usually employees refer to "us and them".  

Each and every Objective describes what we want to achieve and sets a clear direction. The simplest it is, the easiest is to understand and remember. For each Objective is significant to specify the time period we believe is best to achieve it.

For each Objective we have 3 to 5 key results that help us measure the progress. Key Results are specific and time-bound, aggressive but realistic, need to be measurable, work as a set and are not independent little goals to meet.
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